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Zarko Markovic – new Qatari?!

Zarko Markovic played his last game for Montenegro on 14th of January last year against Latvia in the qualifications for the World Championship. In June and October he missed as well the games that his national team played because of aesthetic operation and injuries.

He was on the list for the World Championship 2013 in Spain, but Kastratovic removed him from the team after it was announced that he will be late for the preparations. In the handball circles it is however discussed that Markovic is avoiding his national team duties as he has a very attractive offer from Qatar. The rich country from the Arabian peninsula is host of the World Championship 2015 and the petrodollars are trying to attract many talented and fine players from the European continent.

As the rules say, a player has the right to change the national team he plays for after three years have passed since his last game for the national team. Markovic’s three years would pass shortly after the start of the World Championship in Qatar, which is supposed to play from 11th to 27th January 2015 – according to the unofficial calendar.


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