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Zoran Gobac: “EHF helped Kiel because they prefer business over handball!”

The Urgency Commitee President of RK Zagreb Croatian Osiguranje, Zoran Gobac, laid down heavy accusations against the European Handball Federation (EHF). As Vecernji reports, Gobac claims that two of the four first-leg quarter-final games in the Champions League were badly managed.

“Lithuanians Mazeika and Mandaugas are young referees, and shouldn’t have been delegated at a game of such rank. They took our victory helped by the delegate, the Greek Migas. And in Copenhagen, the players played on open ground, 12 celcius degrees, and the locker rooms were 100m from the field. The president of the EHF Technical Commission the Dutch Jan Tuik should immediately resign because of such omissions, although his mandate expires in a month. And the same guy made lots of problems because of 20cm in the Zadar arena, and also had objections on the Osijek arena” – is furious Gobac.

“We watched the game, and we counted 14 errors that affected our team. After Kiel were at -7, they were probably afraid that the Final Four in Germany will be without German teams, as the result of the Ademar Leon game was already known. EHF prefers business over handball. – adds Gobac.

source: vecernji.hr



  1. abvillian

    11. August 2012. at 01:53

    Ma jebo ti ja sve po spisku tebi i onim tvojim kamenjarima u RK ZG, usrali ste klub do daske, a sada i repku i gonite se u bijelu carapiju konjine. Ovo nije carapa, nego jebem vam krv, ovo je HRVATSKA, serdarusici i govnari kamenjarski

  2. Duli

    25. April 2012. at 11:55

    I agree too. For last 10-13 minutes referees weren’t fair to RK Zagreb and made this match so terrible. THW Kiel don’t deserve Final4…

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