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Dimitroulias (Diomidis Argos): We are underdogs, but we will try to surprise Rhein-Neckar Lowen!

We asked the Greek team Diomidis Argos’coach, Dimitris Dimitroulias to tell us his thoughts on the upcoming match against Rhein-Neckar-Lowen in the third round of the EHF Cup.

1. How did you prepare your team for the first match in Germany?

“We have been analyzing plenty of Rhein-Neckar-Lowen’s matches so far. We have been trying to find out any possible weaknesses in the German side if any! We are well aware that we are the absolute underdogs in these matches. We want to enjoy our game and gain as much as we can from it!”

2 Are you confident about Diomidis being a real challenge to the German team?

“ I would really like to and I am sure we will give our best. Lowen is not only a German team, but one of the strongest and one of the top teams of the best handball league in the world. We would really like to rise to the occasion. To see that would be very encouraging for Greek handball!”

3. The first match is scheduled at Manheim on 24th November: what do you think would be the major obstacle to tackle in Germany?

“We will play against players we have got used admiring and watching on TV. Now we have to fight them and excessive respect might make us less active. About the game itself, we should find ways to break their “trance” periods where usually they really demolish every opponent.”

4. What are the strengths and weaknesses in your team at present?

Our team is developing month by month in every aspect: from the management to the court. You should know that we won our first national trophy last season, together with the challenge cup. I would say that our strength stands in the chemistry and the environment of a family that it has been there for the last 2 years to support our team. I would also mention our “handball

intelligibility”, another important aspect that helped us to arrive here.”

5. Have you noticed any weaknesses in Rhein-Neckar Lowen?

“Every team has weak points but I have to admit that at the moment Lowen has not been showing many!! From what I saw they spend some periods in the game without being in full spirit but, in order to take advantage of that, we really have to be 100 solid!! “

6. Greek handball: What is the overall situation of handball in the country?

“Due to the financial situation that we all know, Greek handball has been out of the “success area” for a lot of years but I hope that our conquest of the challenge cup will be a springboard for Greek clubs and of course the national team to put back the wheels to the rail of success!! “

7. World handball and Mediterranean handball: what would you change to make the sport more popular and attractive in terms of results and media appeal?

“Now that is an interesting question!! To me, handball is really a sport close to the Mediterranean temperament, and people that watch it, really love it! In Spain and France, handball has become very popular. Greece and Italy have a lot to catch up with. I am sure that the sport will also gain much thanks to our team appearance on the international stage.”

8. Greek Top Men’s League: Could you recap for us the highs and lows of the current season so far?

“It is quite competitive with: Diomidis, AEK, PAO and Doukas fighting for the title. With the return to Greece of great players such as Alvanos and Balomenos , the league has become stronger, tougher and more attractive.”

TEXT & INTERVIEW: Luca Del Bianco

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