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Hungarians angry on referees, Nagy: “Scandal EHF”

They weren’t satisfied after the first match with referees, but after the second match against THW Kiel, public dissapointment with the job done by Danish couple Olesen and Pedersen become the general emotion among Hungarian fans and players. Veszprem’s right back Laszlo Nagy showed his dissapointment on Twitter:

– Two amazing games against Kiel. We deserved more. I regret that Kiel needs help from the referees. Scandal EHF – wrote Nagy just after the match.


  1. Huge metal fan

    30. April 2013. at 11:28

    I agree, it was a dirty match and shame on EHF but there is no doubt there won’t be any subsequent change or punishment.
    German teams have to win finally

  2. nlhb

    30. April 2013. at 07:36

    hbfan. Of course there are doubtful decisions, there always are. Kiel fans could also make a video like this if they lost by 1 point.

    In your video i see Nagy falling way to easy. Sulic looking directly at the referee like a little girl after every single action.
    Chema making walking foul like he always does.

    Its all a matter of perspective, and at this point the perspective of Vesprem fans is that they didn’t make final4 and are not happy about it….

  3. hbfan

    29. April 2013. at 16:20

    nlhb, you can watch this video then you will have some clue how bad refereeing decisions in critical moments can help a team turning around a match.

    Laszlo Nagy is not a whining little kid who can not accept the defeat..

  4. Zoli

    29. April 2013. at 12:09

    Yes, they come back with tremendous help for the referees.
    Veszprém did not have the home court advantage that Kiel enjoyed in Kiel.
    I am extremely upset that the better theam was not allowed to go further just because they are not the favorites of EHF.

  5. Zoli

    29. April 2013. at 12:08

    Kiel was supported by the referees.
    They were outplayed by Veszprém twice.
    Shame on EHF who allows this.

  6. Peter85

    29. April 2013. at 11:22

    In my opinion the relevant support is to give the support in the deciding phase.
    Who cares about the compensation if the game has been already decided?!

  7. nlhb

    29. April 2013. at 09:41

    Peter85. Then what is the relevant support in your oppinion?

  8. Peter85

    28. April 2013. at 22:27

    nlhb!How the hell was kiel better?They could use out the needed support..
    I am not talking about the suspensions cause these are not relevant, the compensation was done at the end of the game..
    But anyway lets see what will happen next year..

  9. nlhb

    28. April 2013. at 15:57

    kiel was better in the 2nd of both matches.. they managed to come back from being 4 goals down..

    Blaming in on the referee is to easy. vesprem are sore losers!

  10. Zoli

    28. April 2013. at 06:48

    Veszprem had the lead in both match for the first 47 minutes.
    Referees know exactly what to do in order to discourage a team.

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