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16 PLAYERS AND 14 STAFF MEMBERS: Norge girls are ready for WCh 2017!

Norway will try to defend World’s title from Denmark 2015 at upcoming World’s Championship 2017 in Germany. Norwegian coach Thorir Hergeirsson announced squad list with 16 players for the tournament which will start on December 1.

Norway are in the group with Hungary, Argentina, Poland, Czech Republic and Sweden.

The most interesting news is that Heidi Loke is in the team, after delivery and come-back in domestic league.

Kari Aalvik Grimsbø, Györi Audi ETO (født 04.01.85) (Kamper/Mål: 159/001)
Katrine Lunde, Våg Håndball Elite (30.03.80) (265/003)

Emilie Hegh Arntzen, Våg Håndball Elite (01.01.94 ) (058/072)
Emilie Christensen, Larvik HK (13.04.93) (000/000)
Helene Gigstad Fauske, FC Midtjylland (31.01.97) (002/001)
Veronica Kristiansen, FC Midtjylland (10.07.90) (099/310)
Amanda Kurtovic, CSM Bucuresti (25.07.91) (094/236)
Nora Mørk, Györi Audi ETO (05.04.91) (102/482)
Stine Bredal Oftedal, Györi Audi ETO (25.09.91) (141/315)

Camilla Herrem, Sola HK (08.10.86) (211/567)
Marit Røsberg Jacobsen, Byåsen Håndball Elite (25.02.94) (011/021)
Stine Ruscetta Skogrand, Silkeborg-Voel KFUM (03.03.93) (051/077) 
Sanna Solberg, TEAM Esbjerg (16.06.90) (097/160)

Kari Brattset, Våg Håndball Elite (15.02.91) (013/030)
Vilde Ingstad, TEAM Esbjerg (18.12.94) (041/034)
Heidi Løke, Storhamar Håndball Elite (12.12.82) (174/650)

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