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19th EUROFEST in Slovenia – The best handball holidays at the Sea

We kindly invite all handball friends (clubs, societies, region selections, national selections) to the 19th EUROFEST – International handball festival. It will be held from 2nd to 7th July 2011 at the Slovene coast in two neighboring towns Izola and Koper.

The festival is organized for both boys and girls teams in the following categories: – 2000(mini), 1999 1998, 1997,1996, 1994, 1992 and senior teams.

The expected number of participating teams at 19th EUROFEST is more than 150 (cca.3000 participations).

We are proud to say that many of participants classified EUROFEST among the most attractive international handball festivals. At EUROFEST you can meet the teams from all over the world, experience the high level handball, excellent organization and a lot of fun and socialization. Which rounds up the attractiveness of the festival is the environment of two Mediterranean towns, Izola and Koper with pleasant climate and warm sea.

Lot of teams consider as the biggest attraction of the festival the outdoor playgrounds situated next to the sea. Besides the so called Central playground there are several halls and outdoor playgrounds available. At the “Central playground” in the center of Izola there are held also the main events, besides the most important games also the evenings hours entertainments. The organizers make the schedule so that that participating teams have one half of a day for playing games and the remaining time for socializing, swimming, fun on the beach and excursions. Which is also important and advantage of this event is, that the distances between playgrounds, accommodation and beaches are so short, that the participations can walk from one to another.

EUROFEST is not just a competition, but also an opportunity for young people of different cultures, religions, or races to meet in wonderful ambient and make new friendships.

The traditional entertainment events of EUROFEST are:

– OPENING CEREMONY with parade of all participants,

– THE EUROFEST MARKET (presentation of participating countries: folklore, concerts, typical food)

– Miss. and mister of EUROFEST

– Open air disco

– “FRIENDSHIP EVENINGS “ with presentation of the participating country,

Isn’t it enough reason to take part to 19th EUROFEST ? So welcome to Izola and Koper, welcome to Slovenia!

Tone Barič, Director, EUROFEST d.o.o.


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1 Comment

  1. gentle richard brown

    25. April 2011. at 10:48

    i wish to participate in the event

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