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EURO 2014

22:30 as Sweden break Belarus to secure the Main Round

Belarus chances improved dramatically prior to this match as SiarheiRutenka has recovered from a fever. Impressive 13 goals from the Belarus ‘Player of the Match’ didn’t help his team’s cause as the succumbed to a 22:30 defeat against Sweden in Copenhagen.
Sweden would be happy to see themselves through to the Main Round but the upcoming duel with Croatia in the Group D will determine much of their fortunes prior to the Main Round.

Sweden’s Mattias Andersson, marked the occasion of his 100th international game for Sweden, saving first 5/6 shots on his goal from Belarus.

Sweden had to put up with a great resistance from Belarus, boosted with thereturn of the outstanding Rutenka, Problems were swiftly mounting for Sweden, as Ola Lindgren and Staffan Olsson called the timeout, 18 minutes into the game, as Rutenkasts the score at 6:5

As the match went on, the score was still tied at 7:7, 20 minutes from the first whistle. It was finally Ekdahl Du Rietz who hit the top-left making it 8:10 in the 26th minute.A brace from Pettersen came in, to secure a 3-goal lead right before the half time.

Second half saw Petersen pounce on the opportunity to deliver his tea further lead with 10:14.  Belarus took two back with the fast-break from Brouka at 38th minute. But the one goal difference didn’t last long as Falhgren sets 10:15, upon his team’s 5-0 series. Belarus couldn’t do much to fight-off Nilsson’s 3-goal series with 11 minutes to play, as the left-winger delivers Sweden their highest, 8-goal in the game. Last 10 minutes saw broken Belarus sinking without a trace, as  Pukhouski and Rutenka couldn’t do any more to help their team get a grasp of this match yet again. Last five minutes saw the difference steadied at 6, before Larholm and Petersen seize the chance to make it 21:30, before Pukouski was accurate from the penalty for the final score; 22:30.

The last matches of the Group D will see convincing Sweden and Croatia battle-out the top spot in the group, while Belarus will face Montenegro on Friday in a direct duel for the last remaining ticket for the Main Round.





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