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Junior Fasano win Italian Cup 2016

Junior Fasano win Italian Cup 2016! They beat Bozen 29:28 (15:13) in the final match of Cup Final8 played in Pressano. The first stars in the winning team was De Santis with nine goals ahead of Alves Leal who netted one less.

Junior Fasano Bozen 29-28 (15-13)
Junior Fasano: Fovio, Cedro, Messina 3, De Santis L. 9, De Santis P. 2, Maione 3, Rubino 2, Riccobelli 2, Alves Leal 8, Marino, Pignatelli, Arcieri, Angiolini, Pesci. All: Francesco Ancona
Bozen: Volarevic, Dallago 4, Waldner, Coslovich, Starcevic 5, Kammerer, Wiedenhofer, Psenner, Radovcic 4, Sporcic 3, Gaeta 2, Pircher, Innerebner 3, Turkovic 7. All: Ljubo Flego

Twelwe teams from 27 which are playing in Italian League, will fight for the title in Play-Off.

PHOTO: pallamanoitalia.it

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