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Spanish president, Roman: “In the TOP 7 in Sweden”

The president of the Spanish Handball Federation, Juan de Dios Román, said the aim of the Spanish team at the next World Cup in Sweden will be completed in one of the top seven places to ensure a spot in the pre-Olympic tournaments, but no goals rule higher, which set in access to the semifinals.

“The more ambitious approach goes for trying to enter the semifinals and, if not, try to be as high as possible, among the top seven, which would allow us to achieve a place in the pre-Olympic. We want to be a part of the Olympic Games in London 2012 “said Roman for Spanish Marca.

In this interview, the president highlighted the progress shown by the Spanish from the beginning of the current Olympic cycle, which has allowed Spain to go from gray to thirteenth place achieved in WC 2009 in Croatia to rank sixth last year in the European Championships played in Austria.

“They have been fulfilling the steps. In Croatia began the renovation with perhaps too severe a punishment, but in Austria the team set the tone, high tone, and now we all think that in Sweden will continue this progression, “said Roman.

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