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Polish girls sent home by Sweden

Sweden will start with two points at Main Round in Nantes. The Polish girls were close to outplay Scandinavian ladies once again since World Championship 2017, but at the end, Signell’s squad was on the necessary level in the crucial moments.

Sweden – Poland 23-22 (10-5)

Sverige: Hanna Blomstrand 4, Nathalie Hagman 4, Jenny Alm 3, Linn Blohm 2, Louise Sand 2, Daniela Gustin 2, Olivia Mellegård 1, Carin Strömberg 1, Jamina Roberts 1, Anna Lagerquist 1, Isabelle Gullden 1, Mikaela Mässing 1.

Polen: Kinga Grzyb 9, Monika Kobylinska 3, Joanna Drabik 2, Kinga Achruk 2, Karolina Kudlacz-Gloc 2, Aneta Labuda 2, Sylwia Matuszczyk 1, Aleksandra Zych 1.

Sweden 4
Denmark 4 (-1)
Serbia 2 (-1)
Poland 0

Slovenia beat Russia 29:27 to come closer to the 13th position which will give them chance to be in the first Pot 1 for WCh 2019 qualifications.

Mandatory Credit © Anze Malovrh / kolektiff

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