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IHF: A resin-free future of handball

The International Handball Federation made the decision that in the future the use of resin will no longer be allowed. Several aspects were taken into consideration.

First of all, the resin itself poses a problem. Not only that it is unhealthy for the players, a lot of venues worldwide don’t allow the use of resin, on the one hand because of the necessary cleaning of the floors, which is connected to additional expenses, and on the other hand because resin destroys the floors. Furthermore, the colours of the ball, which is always specifically designed for each championship to match the colours of the respective host nation, are not visible anymore after several minutes during a match as the ball is covered with resin. In addition, some parents do not permit their children to play handball because of the resin.

Before the IHF signed the contract with Molten, the official ball supplier, Molten were asked to solve this problem. Up to now, they spent more than one million dollars. They have been working on this project for two years now and the development will be hopefully finished by the end of 2017 at the latest. That is when the new rule would come into force. However, before the application the ball must be tested. And in case the new resin-free ball is ready and tested any changes to the rules will be presented to the 2017 IHF Congress for approval. If the IHF Congress approves, this rule will be binding for all handball matches worldwide.

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