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Denmark celebrate the first Olympic final!

Denmark won the first Olympic medal in history, but ahead of Mikkel Hansen and his compatriots are the big, big final against France on Sunday! The Danish team won the thriller against Poland 29:28 (25:25, 16:15) after extra-time and made that dreams came true.

It was tough match in which both sides had their own chances to break rival’s resistance, but at the end of second half Polish right wing Daszek saved his team with outstanding goal for 25:25 and 10 minutes addition.

Last 10 minutes showed the real power of the two Danish biggest stars, Landin and Hansen, who led their team towards final.

Mikkel Hansen netted 10 goals, Morten Olsen added seven, while Niklas Landin had 13 saves. On the other side, again outstanding Karol Bielecki ended semi-final battle with seven goals, while Piotr Vyszomirski repeated level of performance from the last match against Croatia, with 18 saves.

POLAND– DENMARK 28:29 (15:16; 25:25; 26:29)

POLAND: Szmal, Wyszomirski – Lijewski 3, Jachlewski, Krajewski 1, Bielecki 7, Wiśniewski 1, B. Jurecki 1, M. Jurecki, Jurkiewicz 4, Syprzak 5, Daszek 5, Kus 1, Szyba.

DENMARK: Landin 1, Green – Christiansen 4, Mensah Larsen, Mortensen 2, Noddesbo, Svan 1, R. Toft Hansen 1, H. Toft Hansen, Mollgaard, Sondergaard 3, Hansen 10, Olsen 7, Damgaard.

PHOTO: Stephane Pillaud, IHF

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