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Aalborg Handbold with 250.000 EUR profit in season 21/22

With a result of 1.87 million DKK before tax (about 251.000 EUR), Aalborg Handball delivers a seven-figure profit for the second year in a row, the 12th year in a row with a profit in the club.

With the second cup title in the club’s history, as well as a financially fruitful participation in the EHF Champions League, where in the group stage they became pool winners and achieved the most points of all teams, Aalborg Handball achieved financial progress again in the financial year 2021-2022.

– We continue to experience enormous support from our large hinterland, which covers both season ticket holders, fans and business partners. Likewise, there is no doubt that the effect of Mikkel Hansen’s approach has helped make a positive difference, an effect we expect will continue in the current season 2022/23, says Eigild B. Christensen, chairman of the board of Aalborg Handball, and elaborates:

– Sportingly, it was another approved season, and even though we didn’t achieve all our goals, extra income was still generated. We have not only returned to the level we were at before the corona pandemic, but we have actually surpassed it commercially, and the great profit is proof of this.

– Our long waiting list for the purchase of season tickets, as well as a large number of new business partners also speaks for itself, just as we enjoy an ever-increasing interest in our club from the media and potential new business partners, continues Eigild B. Christensen.

Expanded organization to continue growth

Over the past year, the organization in Aalborg Handball has also grown further, so that there are currently 13 full-time employees in the administration.

– Our level of ambition remains high, and with even more forces on board the organisation, we expect to be able to continue the positive growth off the pitch.

– We have chosen to reinvest part of the profit in renovating the facilities in the Sparekassen Danmark Arena, including better toilet conditions, as well as sound systems and lights at the pitch to the delight of our many fans, just as the playing squad and coaching staff can look forward to soon inaugurating newly renovated changing rooms.

– Unfortunately, we have had to put the expansion of the spectator capacity in the Sparekassen Danmark Arena on hold, due to the significantly increased material prices in the market, but we continue to stand on a solid financial foundation, and therefore hope that the expansion can be carried out at a later date, it continues from Eigild B. Christensen.

Expectations for the 2022-2023 season

The chairman of the board of Aalborg Handball has the following expectations for the season and financial year 2022-2023.

– From a purely sporting point of view, we aim to recapture the DM gold in the HTH Men’s League, to play our way to the Final 4 in the Santander Cup, and not least to once again be among the four best teams in the EHF Champions League with the ultimate ambition of lifting the trophy in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne in June 2023, while financially we are looking to secure another positive result, concludes Eigild B. Christensen.

(Press release from Aalborg Handbold)

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