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Al Ain present new-old coach from Tunisia

Al-Ain handball team from Abu Dhabi (UAE) has presented new coach, Tunisian Adnan Belharth, who will succeed previous one Mohamed Abu Ghazaleh.

The coach was received at the headquarters of the company at Khalifa Bin Zayed Stadium, a member of the Board of Directors of Al Ain Club for Sports Games and General Supervisor of Handball Saleh Al Shuaili, assistant coach Mustafa Musa and team manager Mansour Saleh and player Ibrahim Al Balushi, captain of the team.

Saleh Al-Shuaili, a member of the Board of Directors, welcomed the arrival of the new Tunisian coach:

  • We welcome the arrival of the coach of the first handball team who was hired in the middle of last June, wishing him success in his new mission, especially that he is not a stranger to Al Ain, where he previously trained the team in 2011.

Tunisian coach Adnan Belharith said:

  • I am very happy with my return to the Emirates, especially for the training of the “leader” in which I spent an earlier period that was full of positive results, and also to the club’s management to give me the opportunity to return again to my home.
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