Andrea Penezic and Lidija Horvat withdraw from Croatia squad for the EC 2012

New problems arise for Vladimir Canjuga. After Miranda Tatari had to be operated and is unable to play, and the withdrawing from the squad by Nikica Pusic and Maida Arslanagic, now the newest player to miss the upcoming European Championship in Serbia is the key player Andrea Penezic. From Canjuga’s words, the main reason is that she felt minor injury on her ankle and did not wish to play and risk worsening the injury and miss much more time. Another one that will miss the EC, is Lidija Horvat, which according to Canjuga, denied to play as she was not expecting the call to the national team. It will definitely be hard time for the Croatian time in Serbia, considering they were firstly listed among candidates for higher positions, but now after so many cancellations it is unknown how far they will go.

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