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Andreas Wolff about Kielce’s problem: It’s not just about money – Handball is much more than job!

German goalkeeeper Andreas Wolff talked for the official Kielce’s website about current situation in the club, but many other topics. One of the world’s best paid handball players called for understanding for problems which Polish champions have, putting handball in front of all the stories:

  • It’s difficult when you lose some money at work, but all the players still wanted to play for the club. Actually, what could we do? Stop playing? As I said, handball is not just our job, it’s much more. Of course the guys were worried a little bit about the future, you still need to secure your family and that’s important. But we really don’t play just for money. We work for ourselves, for our teammates, for the club. Money is an issue, but not the most important thing in the world. You know, it’s not only about the fact if I get all my money or not. For me it’s far more important how the situation is handled by the club. I really like the way Bert (Bertus Servaas) is fighting for the club. When the problems appeared he could have just quit. Instead of this, he is fighting. And as long as he is, I will as well. But finances are not my job. I get paid for playing handball and this is what I focus on – said German goalie and Kielce’s captain.

Wolff doesn’t think that “taking football schedule” in the EHF Champions League where matches will be played on Wednesday and Thursday night, will be a problem for handball fans.

  • I don’t think that will be a problem. Football is so slow, you can watch it without following the whole game. Nowadays every household has got one TV and at least one laptop, smartphone, tablet or whatever, so people can watch two matches at the same time. And I think handball fans will watch handball anyway.

Kielce to present new general sponsor on August 13

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