Anger over Jansen’s act, Petar Metlicic: “Shame on you! Lucky for you that I wasnt there”

Shamefull act of Torsten Jansen in the last minute of the HSV – Fuchse Berlin match, when he knocked down Ivan Nincevic with the “header” caused hard reaction all around handball planet. One of the angriest was famous Croatian captain, Petar Metlicic who wrote on his twitter account:

– SHAME ON YOU!!! Lucky for you that i wasn’t there!

Dissapointed was also his team-mate from Montpellier, Slovenian right wing, Dragan Gajic:

– Shamefull act by Torsten Jansen this evening! Can’t believe i saw this, it looks like ultimate fight!!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. bozian

    22. May 2013. at 10:57

    “SHAME ON YOU!!! Lucky for you that i wasn’t there!”


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