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(VIDEO) Bundesliga (Round 32): “Foxes” leave Hamburg defeated, Ivan Nincevic in hospital

The derby of the 32nd round of the Bundesliga between Fuchse Berlin and HSV Hamburg has been overshadowed by the “header” that Torsten Jansen gave Ivan Nincevic. In the 59th minute of the game due to previous verbal dispute, “Toto” knocked down Nincevic with his head, and Ivan Nincevic was left lying unconscious, with the medical team intervening and taking him to hospital.

The game itself was very even and both teams had slight leads in many phases of the game, all of this until the 55th minute when HSV Hamburg made a three-goal advantage which they kept until the end. Igor Vori was top scorer for HSV Hamburg with 5 goals, while Bartomiej Jaszka was the top scorer of the game with 8 goals.

HSV Hamburg now lies just point behind Fuchse Berlin and with two rounds left to be played, HSV can still hope of a spot that will take them in the Champions League next season.




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