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“Paradox of Justice”: Torsten Jansen banned only for two matches!

After he left Ivan Nincevic in unconsciousness during last moments of the match between HSV and Fuchse Berlin, ex- German NT left wing, Torsten Jansen (36) got the biggest possible suspension according to regulation of DKB Bundesliga. He has to pay 15.000 EUR and will be banner for the next two months (maximum 10 matches). “Paradox of justice” tells that Jansen will only have a short break (two last matches of the season), because in the next two months is summer break so matches won’t be played. That practicaly means that Jansen will be ready for the VELUX EHF F4 in Cologne, so he will have enough time to rest for that event and of course, new season without punishment.

Ivan Nincevic suffered injury after he isn’t able to finish season. Knockout in Hamburg was his last moment in German DKB Bundesliga. He is goint to play for Belarus HC Dinamo Minsk from the next season…



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  2. nlhb

    24. May 2013. at 18:38

    jansen needs to retire after this season, such fouls don’t belong in handball!

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