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Massive DHB Cup format reform

Written by Dean Shmuel Elmas

The DHB Cup last reform is done in 2015. At that time, the German association decided to make the 1st round with final four format include 64 teams and afterward a simple one match knock-out system.

In that format many 3. Liga teams such as HSG Hanau from 3. Liga Ost, VfL Pfullingen from 3. Liga Staffel Süd or Longericher SC that play in 3. Liga Staffel West met Bundesliga teams like Die Eulen Ludwigshafen and even defeat them. But, from 2020/21 it would be Hard for them, very hard. The cup’s participate teams number will be 44  only, without the 1st round’s final four.

The 1st round will be played with 24 teams: 12 from 3. Liga, 3 from each province without any option for 2nd teams and places 1-12 from the 2. Bundesliga. The 2nd round will have 32 teams: 12 qualifiers from the 1st round, two finalists of the German Amateur Cup and the DKB Bundesliga 18 teams.

The Cup’s reform teams members were Carsten Korte, German Handball Federation Vice President; Axel Gerken, Managing Director of MT Melsungen; Michael Friedrichs, Managing Director of VfL Lübeck-Schwartau; Hans Artschwager, DHB Vice President and HV Württemberg; Andreas Wäschenbach, Management Game Organization of the Handball Bundesliga.

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