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Anja Andersen about Oltchim: “They don’t think long term”

Handball news of the Day, yesterday was that Oltchim Valcea sacked Anja Andersen, just after five weeks after Romanian club announced that “Danish legend” will seat at the bench.

– Yes, I was surprised, when I heard. It wasn’t easy. – started her story for

Romanians wanted Champions League trophy, immediately, this season, but Andersen thought on long term project…

– I went to Romania on the agreement that this will be a long term commitment. Otherwise, I wouldn’t accept to come. They’re not used to thinking long term here and that is probably reason why they’ve never won the Champions League – said Anja.

Even she lost her job just after few weeks, she doesn’t complain:

– I’ve met some amazing people here and it’s been the best three or four weeks in my handbal life.  It’s been exciting to see an Eastern European club so close, and I’ve never seen players move so much in so little time. Why it was hard to say goodbye to them today – said Andersen at the end.



  1. Gabi

    16. March 2011. at 09:53

    Anja, Romanians love you and appologize for what happened to you! We will support you and your teams always!

  2. Paul

    10. March 2011. at 13:40

    I love Anja!She’s the best coach i’ve seen in Romania and everyone has good things to say about her time here.It’s such a shame she left.We will allways love you!

  3. Petru (bucarest)

    8. March 2011. at 16:27


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