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OLTCHIM EXODUS: Pineau left Romania – Ungureanu to FTC

After defeat at the Women’s EHF Champions League semi-final against Hungarian Gyor ETO, it seems that dark future is ahead of Romanian champion Oltchim Valcea. Deep financial crisis forced most of the TOP players to leave the one of the most serious women’s handball teams in the last decade. French star Allison Pineau left Romania and back home to France after end of EHF Champions League battle. Marija Jovanovic signed already contract with Russian Astrahanocka, while experienced goalkeeper Paula Ungureanu will join Hungarian team FTC.

Oana Manea is close to Slovenian Krim Mercator and Alexandrina Barbosa is connected with ZRK Vardar SCBT.

Katarina Bulatovic is between Gyor and Vardar. She denies deal with any team for now.

Tough months are ahead of Romanian champion…



  1. van

    7. May 2013. at 22:00

    come on Oltchim!

  2. me

    1. May 2013. at 15:52

    And please shup up Macedonian, 2nd tier players are going to Vardar. They are still solid, but not Bulatovic, Neagu, Barbosa, etc. You get Lekic and other rejects.

  3. me

    1. May 2013. at 15:51

    Ardean-Elisei was not playing at Valcea anymore anyway. One more thing, Ungureanu might have discussed with FTC but she is currently negotiating another contract here alongside: Neagu, Bradeanu, Farcau and Navarro. Hope they all sign. Barbosa, Managarova, Curea, Nechita and Meirosu renewed. 😀

  4. me

    1. May 2013. at 15:44

    Stanca, Manea, Bulatovic, Jovanovic, Pineau and Vestergaard left. The will stay. Barbosa just signed a new contract. We still have Neagu and Romanian talent in the league. You will discover again new players in Valcea! Jovanovic and Pineau were dealing with injuries, Stanca was old. The only big departures were Bulatovic, Manea and Danish coach Vestergaard. Bulatovic will get 17k per month in Gyor, financially she ruins any team. For Manea we can have top replacements in Liga Nationala: Chintoan, Pintea or Tatar. I wonder who will be our next trainer.

  5. Huge metal fan

    22. April 2013. at 08:24

    Are you saying Valcea is undead?

  6. BrigadaZavoi

    20. April 2013. at 18:51

    Valcea (C.S OLTCHIM RM.Valcea)= NO Dead !

  7. rough

    19. April 2013. at 12:06

    like an expression,the bird drems corn or any food but olchim became even stronger,,,,, haha

  8. macedonia

    17. April 2013. at 15:49

    good bye Valcea …..WELCOME VARDAR!

  9. Zoli

    17. April 2013. at 13:32

    Gábor Elek, coach of FTC, denies both…

  10. Huge metal fan

    17. April 2013. at 10:21

    Ardelan-Elisei as well on the way to FTC.
    Good Bye Valcea

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