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Argentina going to Brazil with 7 LNH players

Argentina’s coach Eduardo Gallardo has nominated 19 players for the ‘Four Nations’ to be disputed in Brazil between October 30th and November 1st, with the participation of the host nation, Algeria and Egypt. Leonardo Querín (Billère, FRA), with an ankle injury, will be the only absent from the squad that took gold in Canelones, Uruguay on the Pan American earlier this year.

Argentina’s only doubt as of today is Montpellier’s Diego Simonet, who suffered an ankle injury last week against Toulouse. Results are being awaited to know the extent of the injury, which made him miss the Champions League clash against Veszprem and tonight’s French league match against St.Raphael. If everything turns out as good as expected from both Montpellier and the Argentine NT, then the playmaker should be present in Brazil.

Goalkeepers: Matías Schulz (Nantes, FRA), Fernando García (SM Vernon, FRA)

Line players: Gonzalo Carou (Istres, FRA), Sergio Crevatín (SAG Almirante Brown, ARG), Mariano Cánepa (SAG Villa Ballester, ARG)

Backs: Marco Arce (Ferro Carril Oeste, ARG), Juan Pablo Fernández (Unlu, ARG), Damián Migueles,Pablo Portela (RiverPlate, ARG), Diego Simonet (Montpellier, FRA), Pablo Simonet (Ivry, FRA), Sebastián Simonet (Ivry, FRA), Juan Manuel Vázquez (RiverPlate, ARG), Agustín Vidal (Maristas Algemesi, SPA), Federico Vieyra (Istres, FRA).

Wings: Federico Fernández (Unlu, ARG), Adrián Portela (RiverPlate, ARG), Federico Pizarro (Unlu, ARG),  Facundo Cangiani (RiverPlate, ARG)


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1 Comment

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