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Argentinian roster ready for Rio!

The Argentinian national team head-coach Eduardo Gallardo announced 14+1 squad which will represent South American team at Olympic Games in Rio. Argentinians will have last test before against Egypt on Friday.

The first match of these rivals ended 23:23.


Carou Gonzalo Pivot Ademar León (Spain) 15/08/1979
Fernández Federico Left back UNLu 17/10/1989
Fernández Juan Pablo Playmaker UNLu 30/09/1988
García Fernando Goalkeeper SM Vernon (France) 31/08/1981
Pizarro Federico Right wing UNLu 06/07/1986
Portela Adrián Left wing River Plate 08/03/1986
Portela Pablo Pivot Colegio Ward 21/06/1980
Querín Leonardo Right back Billere (France) 17/04/1982
Schulz Matías Goalkeeper Pfadi Winterthur (Switzerland) 12/02/1982
Simonet Pablo Left back Benidorm (Spain) 04/05/1992
Simonet Sebastián Playmaker Ademar León (Spain) 12/05/1986
Vainstein Pablo Right wing Colegio Ward 18/07/1987
Vidal Agustín Left back Ciudad Encantada (Spain) 08/07/1987
Vieyra Federico Right back Ademar León (Spain) 21/07/1988

Canepa Mariano Pivot SAG Ballester 12/02/1982

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