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Arpad Sterbik and Petar Nenadic close to sign with Vardar Skopje

RK Vardar Skopje looking to make a strong line-up for the upcoming season. After information from Macedonian Sport newspaper, another news is coming from Arpad Sterbik and Petar Nenadic made deals with Macedonian TOP team. Contracts have to be signed during next week…

Nenadic is at the end of contract with Orlen Wisla Plock next summer. He is in group of players who are in the last year of contract. Among them are also Marin Sego, Ivan Nikcevic and others…




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  2. Dante

    31. January 2014. at 18:21

  3. annonym

    31. January 2014. at 14:56

    Dieter- on the last season we dont have a COACH, we have the president club friend lars Walther which dont have any idea about handball, however he get horrible salary. Now we have the real coach Manolo Cadenas who need only 3 month to change the team 180 degree.

  4. Piotr

    31. January 2014. at 14:44

    I agree with Dieter. Something is not correct here. Bigger names is coming and we play more and more individual. The last years we didn’t have big names, but we played as a team. Now these players are leaving us (Sego,Petar,Kubel,Nikola,Ilyes, Chrapek). I don’t think the club knows in which direction they are going. We want to see team handball.

  5. hamster

    31. January 2014. at 14:15

    Ángel Montoro joins Wisla Plock, so there still has to be enough money.

  6. Dieter

    31. January 2014. at 12:28

    ok, its a shame. When good players leave. But I think Wisla plays more individual handball than they did last season. Last year they played more as a team. I hope this will come back again. It looks very nice when a team knows what its doing.

  7. annonym

    31. January 2014. at 01:15

    PKN Orlen give only 1 mln euro so we dont have enough money to stop in the team the best players.

  8. Dieter

    30. January 2014. at 15:40

    Two fantastic players. Looks like they all run away from Plock.

  9. dieter

    30. January 2014. at 15:32

    What is wrong with Wisla ? Best players are just living that club.

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