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Artsem Karalek EHF Final4 MVP, Gomez Abello top scorer!

Well deserved, although his Lomza Vive Kielce lost the final in a penalty shootout, Artsem Karalek was named the most useful player of the final tournament in Cologne (MVP).

Belarus NT player kept the team’s head above the water with goals from the most difficult positions when it was tight, and in the end brought overtime in the epic final, with a goal in the last moment in the 60th minute.

EHF Final4 MVP’s since 2014:
2014: Aron Palmarsson
2015: Nikola Karabatic
2016: Aron Palmarsson
2017: Arpad Sterbik
2018: Diego Simonet
2019: Igor Karacic
2020: Hendrik Pekeler
2021: Gonzalo Perez de Vargas
2022: Artsem Karalek
The Top scorer for this season is Barca’s right-wing Aleix Gomez Abello, who netted 204 times. His teammate, Dika Mem, scored 199, while Petar Nenadic stayed third with 192.
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