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ASOBAL sinks: Newly-promoted Puente Genil player works as “doorman” on Ibiza

Every so often we’ve been hearing about how ASOBAL goes from low to lower, and how difficult it gets for the teams to provide money for salaries as time goes by. Despite having World Championship hosted in their country and Spain winning it, this has not helped the league to get back to old levels. The new level is however, even lower. Chelu Cid (33), player of the newly-promoted Puente Genil, will be spending this summer not training and preparing for the new season, but working as a “doorman” in one of the most famous clubs in Ibiza, called Space.

Once very promising player, winning silver and bronze European Youth Championships with Spain, he has played for various ASOBAL teams such as Anaitasuna, Antequera, Puerto Sagunto… for a total of up to 12 years in Spain’s professional league. The player will be waiting to see if the club renews his contract for the upcoming season, or if a new club offers him a better contract.


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