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Atletico Madrid – THW Kiel in the Final of the VELUX EHF F4!!!

Atletico Madrid is the second finalist of this years Champions League. After an exciting game against AG Kobenhavn, in which the Danish team dominated thoroughout most of the match, the Spaniards however managed to make it to the victory with 25-23, thanks mostly to Lazarov’s 11 goals in this game, in which he promotes himself seriously for this year’s EHF F4 MVP.

The first 10 minutes saw a very close game, with neither team making a big goal difference, the score being 4-3 for AGK. The first two-goal lead for AGK is through Ekberg for 6-4, followed by another Ekberg goal, this time from penalty, sees AGK moving to 7-4 lead. AGK keep up the pressure, and it’s 10-6 in the 20th minute. Atletico fight back to see the AGK lead down to 2 in the 23rd minute, 12-10 for AGK. At the end of the first half the score stands at AGK 15 ATM 12.

Atletico opens the 2nd half with a goal from Lazarov, but AGK responds through Stefansson. A strong display from Abalo and Lazarov see Atletico get to only 1 goal negative, 17-16 for AGK. Short joy, as Hansen makes it 18-16, and Ekberg back to +3, 19-16. Three goals by Lazarov from penalty and it’s 19-19 in the 43rd minute. After Hombrados saves a shot from Hansen but Atletico fail to capitalize and take the lead, Stefansson punishes that with another AGK lead 20-19. In the 49th minute, Atletico finally take the lead after the beginning of the game with 21-20 now, and with Lazarov’s 11th – the lead is steady at 22-21. Canellas scores for 23-21 and AGK call for a timeout. Little changes, and Atletico go up to 24-21, Sterbik being brilliant on the goal. Now it’s Dushebayev’s turn to call a timeout, but it turns against him, as AGK get as close as 1 goal negative in 57th minute. AGK makes offensive foul later in one of the last attacks in the 59th minute, and Canellas scores for +2 for Atletico with 30 seconds remaining and Atletico wins the game 25-23.

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