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EHF F4 BLOG: Antonio Carlos Ortega “The people wanted handball”

The atmosfere in Arena was incredible, The people wanted handball…..

The first semifinal, it was not an easy match for Kiel. Kiel’s defense played 5:1 keeping the center behind double pivot, and this made it really difficult for Fuchse Berlin and only find some solutions playing with two pivots and without left wing in the last minutes of first half.
Fuchse Berlin was defendíng 6:0, Heinevetter hadn’t had his day and with Petr Stochl getting into his place there was a bigreaction until the end.
At The begining of second half THW Kiel started with 6:0 defence  but changed in few minutes. But Fuchse Berlín made a strong push and the last 15 minutos were a big battle where finally Kiel won in the final minutes of the match.

The second semifinal was a great match too, not a great handball but lots of emotion from both sides. Atlético Madrid played with all his players with the same rhythm and perhaps the match was too difficult in the end for AG Kobenhavn to contain.
Sterbic was very good in the second half and proved of vital importance to Atletico’s victory, as well as Lazarov’s 11 goals.

The referees were neutral in the matches, and with high level of arbitrage.

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