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Balkan Regional league from 10th of September!

The saga around the Balkan Regional League continues. The latest meeting between the newly-formed SEHA (South-Eastern Handball Association) concluded that the Regional League should start from the 10th of September, even though the sponsor that was ready to give money is now gone, and a new one is not yet found. The SEHA President, Sandi Sola, however informed, that 12 clubs will play in it, 3 from B&H, and two from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro, while Tatran Presov will be Slovakia’s representative.

The draw for the new league is likely to take place in Belgrade in June, and bodies concerning the new league have been formed, and Dragan Nachevski will be league commissioner. Also interested for this project are the Hungarians, and we won’t be surprised if we see Hungarian teams competing too.

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