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Barca didn’t win in Irun after 21 years!

Barca stayed without a point in ASOBAL Round 2 match in Irun, where domestic Bidasoa made unforgetable night for their frenetic fans – 26:26.

Barca’s right back Dika Mem scored buzzer-beater who was seen as a regular by referees, but after consultation with delegates, goal is dissallowed…

CD Bidasoa Irun – Barcelona 26-26 (16-13)

CD Bidasoa Irun : Iñaki Cavero 8, Gorka Nieto 4, Esteban Salinas 3, Rodrigo Salinas 3,  Asier Nieto 2, Dariel García 2, Tao Gey-Emparan 1, Julen Mujica 1, Pedro Pacheco 1, Mikel Zabala 1.

Barcelona : Hampus Wanne  6, Dika Mem 4, Melvyn Richardson 4, Haniel Langaro 3, Luis Frade 3, Jonathan Carlsbogard 2, Timothey N’Guessan 2, Javier Rodríguez 1, Aleix Gómez 1.

Standings provided by Sofascore

PHOTO: Bidasoa Irun, Moralles

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