Barca Lassa make disasterous a new start of Veselin Vujovic

Barca Lassa showed TOP class performance in Zadar against poor home team, who scored only 19 goals and deserved the worst home defeat in history of playing at VELUX EHF Champions League.

The new start with Veselin Vujovic was disasterous…

PPD Zagreb-Barcelona 19-36 (9-21)

PPD Zagreb: Darko Stojnic 3, Marin Sipic 3, Aleksander Spende 3, Zlatko Horvat 3, Valentino Ravnic 2, Damir Bicanic 2, Gasper Hrastnik 2, Nenad Kosteski 1.

Barcelona: Aleix Gomez 8, Lasse Andersson 6, Aitor Arino 5, Victor Tomas 5, Dika Mem 3, Abel Serdio 2, Aron Palmarsson 1, Gonzalo Perez 1, Cendric Sorhaindo 1, Timothey N´Guessan 1, Alex Pascual 1, Ludovic Fabregas 1, Raul Entrerrios 1.

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1 Comment

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