Rio 2016

BEST 7 of Women’s Preliminary Round in Rio 2016

The Women’s Olympic quarter-finals are on the schedule today. Already 30 matches have been played at “Future Arena” in Rio with heroes and losers. Romania, Argentina, Montenegro and South Korea are out.

Here are the BEST 7 girls of Preliminary Round in Rio:

LEFT WING: Polina Kuznetsova
LEFT BACK: Cristina Neagu (Romania)
PLAYMAKER: Ana Paula Belo (Brazil)
RIGHT BACK: Nora Mork (Norway)
RIGHT WING: Nathalie Hagman (Sweden)
LINE PLAYER: Heidi Loke (Norway)
GOALKEEPER:  Amandine Leynaud (France)

PHOTO: IHF, Stephane Pillaud

1 Comment

1 Comment

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