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Bob Hanning idea is “3×15 minutes” matches in Bundesliga 2020/2021

Season 2020/2021 could be the toughest one in the history of modern handball. COVID-19 pandemic made a lot of troubles to the Federations and clubs which will suffer economically. The strongestt league in Europe, German Bundesliga will have 20 teams in the season 2020/2021 which will make even more costs for the teams and load for the players.

Fuchse Berlin chairman Bob Hanning gave some ideas to make season easier to everyone:

 “At the moment we are extinguishing the fires with hot fat,” the managing director of Füchse Berlin told SID , “we have to find ways that we can turn the load down. Don’t ask what doesn’t work, always think about what works.There is nothing that cannot be thought about. Three thirds a 15 minutes – you have to be creative. Simply thinking won’t help”, said Hanning.

SG Flensburg Handewitt coach, Maik Machulla, thinks about “intelligent match days”:

” Intelligent match days’ I think is a good idea. This season we played once with the owls in Ludwigshafen and 48 hours later with the Rhein-Neckar Löwen in Mannheim. We save travel costs, extra preparation. These are thoughts that are important to us Helping the club to reduce such costs, perhaps also in the form of a tournament, on neutral ground, so that you save the individual hall rents if you don’t have spectators”, said Machulla.


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