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Bogdan Wenta: “Karol can play for Poland again”

Bogdan Wenta spoke to to the Polish media about the possibility of Karol Bielecki to play for Poland again, after the terrible tragedy that Karol suffered in the friendly game against Croatia. Now he is playing with protective mask for Rhein-Neckar Lowen, and is slowly getting back to his old form.

Question: “Your opinion on the tragedy of Bielecki”

Bogdan Wenta: “It is a huge tragedy. But it’s also a story that shows his strength to come back to handball, the sport he loves. We were all shocked at the moment he got injured, and we shared the same fear and compassion. This case was extreme. Michal Jurecki had a broken leg on the European Championship, but the next day he played. This is the daily bread that feeds us. The desire to be with the national team. I understand that handball is a sport with a lot of contacts, and sometime they are very rough, but these kind of injuries you never predict. It’s a sport where you play hard, but according to the rules.”

Question: “if Bielecki is in form, will he get a place in the national team?”

Bogdan Wenta: “Even without the form, he has a place in the national team. A day after the accident I spoke to him, and I told him that I hope he finds strength to get back to playing for the national team. The road is open for him, if he wants to help and support us, we will be happy to have him, but the decision must be his personal. We would love to have him back.

Question: “Will Bielecki strengthen the team in future?”

Bogdan Wenta: “Of course Karol will contribute to the team. We need those kind of people in the locker room, that when something is not right, have the power to motivate everyone to perform better. These are the victories that I appreciate more, even if it’s not accomplished on the field, and this creates a bond between us. Of course, sometimes things don’t work, there are days when we don’t communicate much, but it’s just like in the family. The national team is a big family.

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