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Cervar to take over the Macedonian National Team?

According to the speculations in the Macedonian media, the current manager of the men’s National Team, Ljubomir Savevski, is likely to face a dismissal from the managerial position. The likely replacement is to be no other person but – Lino Cervar, who has been the manager of Metalurg in the past two seasons, but without any great success.

The sponsor of Metalurg and the possibly new “sponsor” of the men’s National Team is supposed to keep his eyes closed about Cervar’s early elimination in the Champions League qualifiers this season, and to install him as the manager, completing his ideas to have him leading his club and his country. Savevski is blamed for the failure to qualify to the World Cup 2011, and is also facing possible boycott in the national team because of the few national team players that he made leave Vardar.

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