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BRAZIL IS ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD! After 18 years some non-European team won the gold at the Women’s World Championship. Brazilian girls survived fantastic atmosphere and pressure of 19.467 fans in “Kombank Arena” and beat Serbia 22:20 (12:10).


Congratulations to fantastic girls of Morten Soubak!



  1. Marcous

    24. December 2013. at 02:01

    The curious thing is that we have no national championship in Brazil, it left me more impressed.

  2. Carlos Maurício Ardissone

    23. December 2013. at 12:47

    Congratulations for our girls!! They deserve! The same for our incredible coach!

  3. Juliana de Almeida

    22. December 2013. at 23:11

    Go Brasile!!!!!

  4. Luiz Gustavo

    22. December 2013. at 22:09

    Great Brazil!

    I don t believe yet!

  5. Matheus

    22. December 2013. at 21:32

    Just one thing … I KNEW IT! Congratulations to these warriors who after this done, be able to bring sufficient importance that sport has in Brazil. For ALL Europeans who doubted the potential, they felt the pressure of the final and a packed arena in Belgrade be able to choke a team that went through impassable barriers (in all matters, from the neglect of the sport in the country, until problems with own local for training in the country), is our world title, America’s first.

  6. Anonymous

    22. December 2013. at 20:59

    Spectacular! CHAMPIONS unbeaten in the championship! Many believed that our girls would not withstand the pressure created in Belgrade, but … were surprised with a Brazilian national head raised ever given up. Congratulations to the national team of Serbia, who also did a great job and epic matches like the match against Norway.

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