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Brazilian Handball: A Contradictory Evolution!

In recent years the world of handball has been following the constant evolution of Brazilian handball with the improvement of the results of their national teams, especially adult women’s team, which now have the world’s best player, Alexandra Nascimento.

But internally handball Brazil not keeping pace with the national teams.

The National League male and female, which is disputed since the 90s, can not make it as strong competition, because in recent years there were no more than 6 clubs in each dispute.

Teams without funding, almost half – amateur, where the vast majority of athletes need to work in other areas in order to sustain itself.

The interesting thing is that handball is one of the most popular sports in Brazilian schools, but the lack of structured teams can not absorb many talents that they give up to follow the sport.

Now how to explain the evolution of the national teams, the country without having a strong professional league. Simple! Currently all the investment of Brazilian Handball Confederation, this year signed partnerships with the National Post and the Bank of Brazil, and still receives investment from the Ministry of Sports through tax incentive laws, is facing the youth teams and adult selections.

For the year 2014 there is a project of the federal government, through the Ministry of sport, to strengthen the National League with more teams, where costs and other logistical expenses be paid over by the government, because the plans came from Brazilian Olympic Committee for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 – handball medal.

Hopefully that projects will become true and the handball world will get one more handball center outside Europe.

Luiz Gustavo da S. Machado

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