BRAZILIAN NATIONAL FINAL: Supergasbras VS Metodista for the trophy!

Supergasbras and Metodista are the finalists of the Brazilian female Championship 2013. Both teams made important victories over their rivals in the semi-finals battles. Medodista are looking for eight consecutive national title in a row, while Supergasbras would like to take the first trophy.
Supergasbras/UNC/Concórdia (SC) 26 x 22 Santo André (SP)
Metodista/São Bernardo (SP) 35 x 25 Blumenau/FURB (SC)
Supergasbras/UNC/Concórdia (SC) 23 x 20 Santo André (SP)
Metodista/São Bernardo (SP) 22 x 19 Blumenau/FURB (SC)
Both teams have members of Brazilian NT squad who prepares for the World Championshiop 2013 in Serbia ( Amanda Andrade, do Supergasbras/UNC/Concórdia (SC) – Deborah Hannah, Metodista/São Bernardo (SP)
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