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Bundesliga (Round 13): THW Kiel with last minute goal past HC Erlangen

THW Kiel were huge favorites at home against HC Erlangen, but had not an easy job at all. The game from the beginning was very equal, and both teams exchanged lead throughout the game. In the last minute of the game the teams entered with 22:22, and with thirty seconds to go THW Kiel scored for the lead through Joan Canellas. HC Erlangen took a timeout and took an additional player instead of the goalkeeper, but in the last seconds the shot from Sigurbergur Sveinsson was blocked by Steffen Weinheld, giving THW Kiel the 23:22 victory.

Bundesliga scores: Friesenheim 23:29 HSG Wetzlar, Lemgo 22:26 Goppingen, Bergischer 22:18 HBW Balingen, Flensburg 32:26 Gummersbach, THW Kiel 23:22 HC Erlangen


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