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C.O Zagreb’s Director, Bartol Kaleb: “We are the slaves of EHF”

C.O Zagreb director, Bartol Kaleb, was very angry at the last PRESS Conference before first official match of EHF CL team in Zagreb in a new season against Tatran Presov (SEHA – Round 3). He talked about unfair relationship of City of Zagreb, who favorited Basketball teams from the Capital city, without results on the European level. He also mention relationship with the EHF:

– We are just slaves of EHF. Their organizational standards are impossible. We have to pay rental of LCD display, which we already have, because EHF has a deal with some other brand. They also took our marketing area. After 12 European games in the last season, C.O Zagreb earned only 48.000 EURO! EHF even secretly hoped that SEHA won’t start from this season. I think that all teams and countries from this region will soon recognize SEHA as a future.

Source: Croatian PRESS

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