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EHF rejects Sweden in “Prandi’s case”

The European Handball Federation announced decision about the last moment goal of Elohim Prandi in semi-final clash between France and Sweden which caused a lot of comments:

The Disciplinary Commission has issued a decision regarding the protest lodged by the Swedish Handball Federation following the Men’s EHF EURO 2024 semi-final, France vs. Sweden, which was played on 26 January 2024 in Cologne.

The protest was submitted regarding the non-use of the Video Review (VR) to check the last free-throw for France in minute 60 of the match.

After a careful evaluation of the situation, the panel has determined that it is at the EHF referees’ discretion and not obligation to use the VR technology.

VR is only used when the referees have serious doubts about taking the correct decision or when they are unable to view the situation correctly.

It is only the referees’ or delegate’s decision whether to use the VR.

The decision not to use VR falls under the scope of the EHF Legal Regulations as well as the EHF EURO Regulations and shall be regarded as factual and thus final decision not being subject to any protest.

The protest is therefore rejected as inadmissible.

An appeal may be filed to the Jury until 20:00 hrs on 27 January.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alex Duncan

    27. January 2024. at 20:08

    Disappionted, was clearly not allowed, how does france accept how they got to final?

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