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Carlos Ortega after Russians: I am not satisfied with attack

Hungarian TOP team MKB MVM Veszprem had no problem against Russian best side Sankt Petersburg 29:20. After the match, the Spanish coach on the Hungarian bench, Antonio Carlos Ortega was satisfied with only some parts of his team’s performance:

– Our defence was good, but I’m not satisfied with the attacks. It makes me happy that everybody could play. The Champions League will continue in February after the European Championship. We hope that all players will come back from Denmark without injury.

Timuzsin Schuch – MKB-MVM’s line player:

– We are still 100% in the Champions Laegue. Our defence was very strong and Nándor Fazekas gave us a stabil base. I want to congratulate Patrik Ligetvári who is only 17 years old and played in his first CL match and of course Gergő Iváncsik who was the best scorer with 6 goals in his 32nd birthday.

Dmitrij Torgovanov – St Petersburg HC’s head coach:

– There isn’t so many teams in the world who can win in Veszprém Aréna. It was a good experience for my team to play here in a fantastic atmosphere. We made too many mistakes and couldn’t be creative enough against a stronge defence which is directed by the world’s best defense player, Timuzsin Schuch. I congratulate Veszprém, and I am sure that they will be among the bests this year.


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