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City of Niš lost EURO 2012

The third biggest city of Serbia, Niš, won’t be a hosting place for one of the Groups of Men’s EURO 2012 decided Serbian EURO 2012 Organizing Committee in Belgrade. Issue for hosting on of the group of EURO 2012 was to build a new multifunctional sports hall “Car Konstantin” (capacity 5.000 seats) who will replace 40 years old “Cair”, but 14 months before “first whistle”, nothing was started. Problem is missunderstandings between Government, local authorities and Serbian Handball Federation, because local politicians think that reconstruction of old “Cair” hall will be enough to meet EHF standards. At the end, on their meeting OC EURO 2012 decided to make unpopular step, but only possible and abandon Nis, as a host city of all important handball matches of Serbian national team.

What will follow this steps and who will be a new city to host EURO 2012 will be much more known after meeting between “three sides” at Wednesday in Serbian Government.

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