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Kiril Lazarov: “We can beat Hungary”

Before the beginning of the qualifications for the European Championship 2012 in Serbia, the captain of the Macedonian national team, Kire Lazarov(30), gave few interesting statements. Macedonia that is in a group with Estonia, Bosnia and Hungary, can consider themself lucky, according to Lazarov. “We can beat Hungary at home, that was theoretically the “weakest” team from the first pot”.

More interesting were the statements regarding the self-appreciation of the Macedonians. He noted that in the past brought all the big coach names, Djukic, Zivkovic, Vujovic, but all due respect, they did nothing, concludes Lazarov. “However, Temelkovski with very few preparations before the World Championship in Croatia 2009 did alot. We passed one group, and one victory was between us and the semi-final. Now they brought Cervar, who won the cup and the league with Metalurg, but everyone can do that. But in the meantime he didn’t organize any handball seminary” added Lazarov.




  1. gandolfi

    29. October 2010. at 16:36

    Regarding the comment made by Mr. Lazarov I must add that he has little underestimated the capability of hungarian handball team, I would recommend to him to check the yesterday result against Bosnia Hercegovina team(which team also claimed the top position in that group in advance)and everybody is aware of the result.
    Of course I always admired Mr. Lazarov handball skills, but obviously his interwieving skills do not match with his play level.

    If you take my meaning

    regards Gandolfi

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