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Cristina Neagu furious about referees: They should not judge to anyone!

Romania ended final weekend hopes at Women’s EHF EURO 2022 by losing for one goal against Montenegro 34:34. Romanians have not been satisfied with level of referees on this match, Austrian pair Ana Vranes and Marlis Wenninger.

Legendary Romanian left back Cristina Neagu was furious in statements for domestic media.

 – I don’t know how many European matches have been played this way. I don’t care that it will be said now that this is how we Romanians are, that we talk about arbitration when we lose. If you still don’t realize that we were the team that deserved to win, it means you’re not Romanian or you don’t care about sports! It was clearly seen on the field. I really want to see the last phase. I’m 99.99% sure that the Montenegrin player double dribbled before going 7 meters. But of course the referees don’t want to watch the video of any of our matches. I have nothing to say. Today we fought from the first to the last minute. The team was sensational. We deserved to win. These girls who refereed us shouldn’t referee anyone! – said Neagu and added:

  • It was seen that from the first minute they refereed in this way. I have nothing to do with Montenegro, I love Montenegro. It’s not the girls fault. But we were the better team. Today we were the better team and we deserved at least a point. We were the better team, I have to say it again. But you can’t play handball like that. We can be Romanian, non-Romanian, Danish, but you cannot play with such arbitration. There is no way you can play against such decisions. These girls don’t think they know what happened today, they don’t know what they refereed. I would like the referees to watch the matches and see their mistakes. At our matches, the referees don’t go to see what happened. At the other matches, he always watches the video. I still think that in the last phase, Itana Grbic did a double dribble before getting 7 meters. The referees never want to see the phases on the monitor. And I do not understand why. It was an extremely important match. I think it’s not right,” said Cristina Neagu, according to GSP.
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