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Darko Stanic on exit door from Metalurg

Darko Stanic won’t be continuing his career in Metalurg, at least according to what he said for the local daily newspaper “Dnevnik”. “In my head I already left Metalurg, just need to make it all on paper” – said Stanic. He also said that what he minds is the current interpersonal relations in Metalurg which are on low level, and that he sees no problem to join HC Vardar, if the ambitions of both parties cross each other.

source: dnevnik.mk



  1. Nika

    1. July 2013. at 15:33

    Sergiy Shelmenko play in Chekhovskie Medvedi, in Russia.

  2. martin

    1. July 2013. at 12:45

    Where will play shelmenko ?

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