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Mediterranean Games: Egypt wins Gold Medal after beating Croatia in the final

Egypt is the new champion of the Mediterranean Games’ Tournament after they beat Croatia in today’s final. The Croatian goalkeepers had rather bad day (9 saves total), and only three counter-attacks, and this was not enough to stop an Egyptian side, who took the lead from the beginning of the game and kept it until the end. Three times Croatia came down to -1, but could not equalize. Croatia wins Silver again, previously winning it in Almeria 2005, losing to Spain 28-21.

Croatia – Egypt 23:28 (11:14)

Croatia: Stevanović 8 saves, Batinović H. 2, Marić 2, Karačić 4, Vujić 2, Thoss, Gavranić, Batinović D. 1, Matulić 7(1), Pešić 1 saves, Šprem, Matić 3, Tominec, Slišković 2, Mrđenović, Vidović

Egypt: Abouebaid 3, Radwan 1, Abdelrahman 1, Issa 5, Bakir, Mohamed A., Elbassiouny 3, Elmasry, Eid 7, Elwan, Elahmar 2(2), Khalifa, Hendawy 13 saves, Shebib 3, Mohamed A.Z. 3, Abdelrhaim

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