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DISGRACEFULL: Knezevic headbutts Gorbitz!

Derby match of the Women’s EHF Champions League between Buducnost and Gyor 26:26 have been played in Podgorica last weekend, but the biggest story from “Moraca” hall wasn’t a fantastic performance of two teams – the biggest favorites for the winning F4 tournament in Budapest on May 4. The biggest “hero” of the match became home team playmaker Milena Knezevic who kicked Anita Gorbitz in the head in the last attack on the match…

Shamefull act who must be punished…

PHOTO: http://www.zrkb.me



  1. Tevetoglu Erdenet

    11. March 2014. at 08:56

    Thank you for the apology, but we looking forward to the EHF’s decision!

  2. hallux

    10. March 2014. at 18:12

    I have to say that this shameful situation is just clear upshot of tendencies we have to experience nowadays in women handball. Unfortunatelly the EHF give much space to agressive, semibrutal and insincere playstyle which has nothing to to modern, effective, and assertive defence and beyond sportmanship. Everybody knows why!!!!! But with this the EHF transform the woman handball something boring, unpopular sport,and they will lose the sponsors from all over Europe (One region is exception, we know which is…). Just remember that the LEN and FINA succesfully made the same with male waterpolo. We also know the reasons….

  3. Istvan Bende

    10. March 2014. at 14:16

    Many thanks for Planet Handball to make publicity to this disgusting incidence and help to fight against such cases to keep the purity of the handball.

  4. Istvan Bende

    10. March 2014. at 14:14

    Many thanks for Planet Handball to make publicity this disgusting incidence and help to fight against such cases to keep the purity of the handball.

  5. John Edward

    10. March 2014. at 14:14

    Knezevic the ANIMAL!! detto Dragan!!

    Shame the sports branch if it goes unpunished! Minimum one-year disqualification from this Knezevic!!

  6. Wory

    10. March 2014. at 13:54

    Horrible as Zidane and Materazzi story. This is fight and not handball.
    Should be suspended for the last 3 CL.

  7. Osgood

    10. March 2014. at 13:36

    The line referee saw the incident and started to walk towards the spot reaching for a card in his upper pocket. 3 seconds was quite enough for him to change his mind. I would like to see him asked why…

  8. to BanHer

    10. March 2014. at 12:55

    I think you are exaggerating a little bit. I watched the match, and I didn’t see the kick. I watched this video once, didn’t see it again. How should the refs see it when it was far from the ball and it happens just a few seconds till the end (after the end)of the match. Their focus in this moments is on the players with the ball. We don’t have eyes everywhere.The accusations of fraud and corruption I will simply take as “impulsive expressions”.

    Of course I agree with almost all the conclusion about the sanctions. A fine to be payed by the player and the club, an official apologize by both of them, and a suspension of 5 matches for the player.

    Last year there was a similar situation with Toto and Nincevic in the HBL. I think that similar sanctions should be applied here as well.

  9. Anonymous

    10. March 2014. at 11:53

    Knezevic is a beast!

  10. CSDBCN

    10. March 2014. at 11:37

    she should be suspended for the last 3 CL matches of the season. or if not the Hungarian people must remember and protest agaimst her every time she touches the ball in the final4.

  11. BanHer

    10. March 2014. at 11:22

    Unimaginable what was in her head… game was stopped, no ball in play, and she just kicks Gorbicz in her face…

    I also wonder what the two referees were doing? Smallchating with Cvijic and having fun??? Both of them should see this phase…

    And what the hell Nacevski, as EHF delegate was doing, watching..he was very close to thei situation!!! A garbage this man, he was always corrupt, as a ref, nothing has changed…

    Hope she will be banned for the whole season and gets som fine to pay (both her and the club).I suggest at least 50000 euros…

    This is the degradation of the handball and of all sports in general.
    Such people would not have to be in the court.
    If she does this on the street, the police would take her to investigate…in a proper land of course…

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