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Domagoj Duvnjak: Filip is doing great job – Sagosen is the world’s best!

Domagoj Duvnjak talked with Zika Bogdanovic for podcast #ostanikodkuće (#stayathome) about his days in Kiel, coach Filip Jicha, the arrival of Sander Sagosen and many more…

  • Filip doing a great job. He was a great player, he worked with TOP coaches and he sublimated everything in his own work. He took from Spanish handball where he spent last two years, he took from Alfred (Gislason) and all looks very good. He is studious, he likes to practice, for every match we have something new. It looks very nice. I am that kind of player, for me the coach is the rule. It’s not easy to be a coach. You have 16 different heads, but Filip is doing a great job – said Duvnjak and added:
  • We had a very good relationship, he takes care of me, don’t waste me. I am not so young anymore, nobody can survive this level of handball. He dozes me, knows to tell me day after match, “Dule, you are going on bicycle, today is regeneration”, I am very satisfied.

Jicha and Duvnjak talked before contract extension…

  • Filip told me: “I know that you will never say “no”, but you have to. I passed through this, I played 60 minutes for many years”. He recognize situation in which I am. Many friends suggested me to leave Bundesliga, but I enjoy to play in Germany. This is my 11th season, I feel happy to walk into the sold-out hall. That is why I playing handball. I enjoy to play under pressure. When I left Hamburg, I thought I will miss that fantastic city, but for 6 years in Kiel I was there 4-5 times. You have everything in Kiel. The city is big enough, if the weather is OK, you can do many things, you have beaches, sea. I really enjoy here.

Duvnjak praised deal of THW Kiel with Sander Sagosen.

  • I am very happy because Sagosen’s arrival. He showed that in January at EHF EURO 2020. Great player, I am happy to see him in Kiel, he has handball in a “little finger2. I guess, I will have fewer minutes on the court, but Filip already did it well during this season. Great signing for Kiel.

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